Evanston Live
Logo Design and Illustration


Evanston Live didn't have a cohesive brand to represent an exciting community experience


Design a logo and banner that capture the feeling of Evanston Live

Learn about
the problem
on logo
banner illustration



Tammy Job (creator of Evanston Live)


Freelance Visual Designer. brainstormed and iterated on logo and banner with input from client after each iteration


  • Sketching

  • Mood bords

  • Adobe Illustrator


Summer 2016

Learn about the problem

Evanston Live is a community based talk show and music event that happens twice a month.

A friend was looking for a logo to unify event posts and informational materials across marketing channels.

Iterate on Logo

The logo needed to be tied to the Evanston community in some way. I used Evanston colors (blue and orange) to do this, and a simple Microphone to convey the music and conversational focus of the events.

I designed a bunch of directions. Ms Job helped me narrow these down to a few concepts she liked. I iterated on these to refine things like spacing and color.

Logo Iterations

Design banner illustration

After we had landed on a logo, Ms Job asked if I could design a large banner to be hung at all the events. The banner should extend the language of the logo -- conveying similar things of a vibrant community event with visual ties to Evanston colors.

Banner Concepts
Final Banner

What I learned

This was a great opportunity to further my visual design skills and work with a client to iterate on concepts. I had been working at Glantz Design that summer, so I was able to apply the framework we used there (creative jumping off point > ideation > pinpoint effective elements > refine). Presenting this process helped guide my interaction with Ms Job and helped me ask for the right kind of feedback at each step.

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