Giving Rocks Website Redesign


The website was un-intuitively structured with too many navigation options, struggled to express a hip and exciting visual style, and failed to guide users toward donating to the cause.


Design a new website that concisely communicates the goals of the Giving Rocks Foundation within an exciting new brand identity.

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Giving Rocks founder


Web Designer within team of 3 at Glantz Design. Independently created background video. All mockups presented are my own contributions.


  • High-fidelity Mockups

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe AfterEffects

  • Video Editing


Summer 2016

Creative jumping-off point

The Giving Rocks Foundation raises money for a rare blood disorder by selling necklaces made from rocks on the beach. Our client wanted a hip site that appealed to a younger generation ("it should feel like a beach") in addition to attracting prestigious research organizations and potential donors.

Creative Inspiration: LetsFCancer, Charity Water

Information Architecture

We wanted the new site to quickly educate visitors about the story and mission of the organization, let them shop for rocks, and encourage them to donate to the foundation. One difficulty was contextualizing the subsections of the organization.

Site Map
Consolidated Structure

Design, Test, Iterate

We had established a more organized structure to the website. Now we wanted to propose a friendly and bold visual style that resonated with our client and how they wanted to portray their product.

We incorporated a background video to add visual interest and communicate the sentiment of the organization. I edited a placeholder background video using footage I found on their YouTube channel.

Version 1: Home
Version 1: About
Version 2: Home
Version 2: About
Mockup with background video
View Finished Product

What I learned

This was one of my first experiences working with a client to capture what they wanted in the form of a website. One interesting challenge was to differentiate the product (Syd Rocks) from the Foundation (Giving Rocks).

More abstractly, I experimented with the visual element of 'pop'. My first designs were straightforward, but didn't take any bold risks or let imagery speak for itself in interesting ways. Critical feedback from my peers helped me propose visual elements that felt like they were saying something important.

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